WordPress hosting

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to operate CMS based on WordPress, you had to install it yourself and keep it up to date. A  hosting package was  required for this, which had met the basic requirements of Web hosting comparison. For this purpose, basic WordPress knowledge was necessary at one point or another, as you had to store entries in configuration files. However, you also had to take care of the installation updates, monitoring and security yourself.

For several years there have been offers for WordPress hosting, all of which include an automated web hosting Canada as well as timely WordPress backups as standard. There is also a powerful support team that helps you with problems relating to your WordPress server. This allows you to fully take care of the appearance and content of your WordPress installation. The holster takes care of the technical administration and maintenance for you.

Updates & backups

The big advantage of a managed website is the automatically provided and installed updates that are regularly delivered for WordPress. The clear recommendation on our part is of course to import these promptly, as WordPress web hosting installations are regularly attacked by hackers. These try to exploit the known weak points and gain access to the web server.

With a managed installation, the provider takes on this task for you and keeps your WordPress website up to date. However, it is not only the updates for the WordPress basic installation that are important here, but also the plugins and themes you use. In the past, these were not infrequently the gateway for attackers and should therefore be kept up to date as consistently as the basic installation.

Another convenience function of the managed operation is the automatic backup. Your host creates – usually once a day – an automatic backup of your WordPress installation.

The option of creating your own backups is also very helpful. This additional step is particularly worthwhile if you make major adjustments or import new plugins, as manual dismantling is usually much more time-consuming than restoring the backup.